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Your new skin will cover your face in 2 to 3 days, very different from the 2-3 weeks required for skin healing after the old time float beam laser treatments Your face will remain pink for 5-7 days, but you Dermabellix can wear make up by day 4 This is about a third or fourth of the recovery time from a deep chemical peel or an old time flat beam laser treatment When Do I See My Final Result? You will see a remarkable improvement in wrinkles and skin texture with fresh new skin starting at 10 days and for the first 3 weeks However, new collagen production, the main goal of this treatment does not begin for 6 weeks and continues for one year after treatment The initial benefits are due to swelling of the skin which subsides at about 3-4 weeks so expect to see your wrinkles return initially However at 3 months you will really start to see the improvement in your skin and at 6 months results are very dramatic In my experience, wrinkle removal, skin tightening and improvement in skin plumping and skin texture are most obvious at one year following treatment How Do I Find A Doctor Who Uses This Technique? Board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists are the experts at laser skin rejuvenation treatments Ablative laser resurfacing is more commonly done by plastic surgeons because of the complexity of skin care after the procedure The new combined technique is so new that it will be some time before it is widely practiced Be certain that your physician is board certified and has experience in laser surgery-there are many new users of lasers who simply do not have the experience required for these advance laser treatments
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