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Substance Abuse A set of men going through stress will try to face it and cope with it. But there is another set who will try and run as far as possible from the stress and burden that they are facing. Taking the help of drugs and alcohol can be a symptom of developing stress in men. Abuse of drugs and alcohol will affect the health of an individual and will attract problems in family life as well. Few More Indicators Loss of appetite Muscle ache Chest pain Erratic heartbeat Low sex drive Headaches Procrastination Excess sweating High blood pressure Increased perspiration Facing difficulty while relaxing Weight gain or excessive weight loss Increased use of drugs and alcohol Relationship changes with Test X180 Alpha close ones Overeating or Anorexia nervosa Consequences of Long-term Stress Be it be a male or female, everyone may go through stressful times either at home, work, or both. Although, a little stress now and then is not a big concern, if it turns into chronic stress, then it may lead to some serious health troubles, some of which are given below: Obesity Heart diseases Menstrual problems Eating disorders Hair problems Skin infections Depression and anxiety Sexual dysfunction Stress can be tackled by sustained efforts of the individual and the ones close to him. An individual experiencing these symptoms need not be hesitant in seeking a counselor's help. The sufferer can also share his experience with the family members and chalk out a plan to kick stress out of his life.
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