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There are many people affected by SAD who become security guards All that they have to do is inquire and check the identification of the people entering a facility, and open the door Zymbiotix for them Many prefer to do night shifts, because it allows least social interaction with other people However, the money involved in this occupation is not much, and of course, there might arise difficult and dangerous situations too, which need to be handled Overnight Stocker As retail superstores like Wal-Mart need to keep their stores updated with stock from time to time, they need to hire overnight stockers It can be a good job opportunity for an SAD-affected person, as it involves working in the night without any social interaction The duties conducted by overnight stockers include inspecting new shipments and reporting any kind of discrepancy in quantity, or damaged goods It also includes labeling items with codes and charges They have to then place them on the appropriate shelves However, the flip side is, this is not a high-paying job Online Jewelry Seller There are many individuals out there who earn a good living by making and selling jewelry online They have made their own labels, and supply jewelry even to offshore locations Websites like Easy, eBay, etc, can be used as platforms to sell this jewelry Most of these transactions require electronic interactions, and individuals can easily design, make, and supply jewelry from home itself If the jewelry designs become popular, and sales pick up, it can also become a well-earning international business
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