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The section of memory that you cursed? Yeah, that was your working memory what exactly working memory is? Working memory is that pocket of your memory that is responsible for Nooflex holding information till it is processed and retained This information is important for carrying forth functions like reasoning, learning and comprehending The term working memory is often used interchangeably with short term memory, but many scientists now say that the two are completely different This pocket of memory is often tested because there are several distractions in the form of external stimuli as well as the influx of newer information that are being processed at the same time It is believed that a strong working memory could form the basis of general intelligence and reasoning Given the importance of working memory for a person, there is a need to improve and hone the same for everyone In that direction, certain activities for improvement of working memory will be discussed in the following sections Activities and Games to Improve Working Memory Looking at something as a task that needs to be done, often proves to be a discouraging factor Treating something as a game and adding the element of fun to it, instead, is a rather effective way of bringing about results That's why introducing activities that focus on improving your working memory in your daily routine are highly recommended
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