How to Make an Endless Police Chase in

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How to Make an Endless Police Chase in

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The famous game about crazy car races remains on the rise. And one of the reasons for its popularity is the game’s diversity. It offers you a lot of exciting mods, and Police Chase is one of the most popular ones. This mod adds a lot of new elements and features to BeamNG drive.

Want to have a nice police chase, even with multiple police cars, that lasts as long as you do? Tired of constantly resetting because the police crash in the first corner or when you push them off the road? Well here’s a solution!

How To Do A Police Chase
An option to modify the police chase is to have you as the bandit. All you have to do is press tab until you get to the police car, go to the first customization option, then the drop-down menu, and select chase. The police car will now start chasing the bandit car. Get in the bandit car, and try to evade the police!

Here you can play either role. And no matter which one you choose, your opponent is artificial intelligence. The race will develop a crazy speed and your task is not to lose control over your car. The next mode is one thief against many police cars.

No matter how many of them you wreck a new one will always spawn once you get far enough of the previous wrecks. Just try to not get busted!

The police car I recommend is the Hirochi Sunburst Police Interceptor. Press M once for the lightbar, and twice for the sound! For the bandit car, choose something that is decently fast, and choose something that would look like you could put duct tape on the back and it would look scary. is the place to buy CD Key. With a dedicated crew of verified sellers, the platform can offer competitive CD Key prices with lightning fast deliveries and a 24/7 support services if needed. There’s a bunch of offers to choose from ranging from cheap CD Key to the fastest deliveries or discounts on bulk orders so feel free to see which offer suits you the most.

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