There aren't any figures yet available for which actions in DaD

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There aren't any figures yet available for which actions in DaD

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Opening Chests. The players leave the Dungeon with Loot in their inventory Dark And Darker Gold. Opening Portals (of either colour). Moving further into the Dungeon. Being able to escape the Dungeon.

Each of these actions grants EXP This likely will answer any questions that players may have asked about the reason why a member of their group was gaining more levels that they did.

There aren't any figures yet available for which actions in DaD provides the highest amount of EXP, particularly since this is likely to be changed between the alpha release and the final release. However, some players have noticed that certain actions trigger the EXP bar to increase significantly, and they include:

Escape from the Dungeon by using the Blue Portal. In the Dungeon via the Red Portal. The boss is defeated at the finish on this floor. Red Portal floor.

There are also ways to earn a large amount of EXP in a single go for instance, obtaining an entire set of PvE or PvP kills within a single game, or even escaping with an entire inventory of loot, however these are the only ones that appear to give the greatest overall. Let's also clarify a few points regarding leveling up or getting EXP within Dark and Darker that players are confused about:

EXP can be (sadly) not currently divided among players in a group to kill (both both PvE as well as PvP). The "last hit" seems to be the most important factor to earn EXP for killing (think mining minions from MOBAs such as League of Legends). The process of opening the chest seems to be the thing that gives actual EXP to loot and cheap Dark And Darker Gold not the amount of items taken from the chest or other items...

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