Doggcrap Training aka DC Training aka Rest Pause Method

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Doggcrap Training aka DC Training aka Rest Pause Method

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Hey Guys,

Would like some feedback on the usefulness of the AM for size and strength. Anyone tried it before?

Basically the following principles govern DC Training:

1. Body parts are split into 2 training days, training on 1,3,5
2. first split - biceps, forearms, calves, hamstring, quads
3. second split - chest, shoulders, triceps, back width, back thickness
4. just one exercise per body part per session
5. 3 sets per excersize, each set to failure
6. the weight is exploded up, and controlled very slowly downwards (except for some variations)
7. extreme stretching to be performed immediately after each excercise is completed, usually weighter and usually very painful
8. THE CATCH: you keep doing a particular exercise for each body part, but your numbers (weights or reps) have to increase from one training session to the next - if you stagnate, you switch to some other excercise for that body part.

I hope that wastn too confusing, please let me know if you've tried this before, and how it worked for you, I'll be glad for any advice at all

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