2012 Powerlifting Championship Series

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Re: 2012 Powerlifting Championship Series

Post by galapogos »

AFAIK there will be additional prizes for the highest strength/bodyweight competitors, but no age normalized prizes...

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Re: 2012 Powerlifting Championship Series

Post by xarope »

well, I get the feeling I'm the only one in masters I (or any masters class, for that fact)...

I thought that wilks formula is actually penalizes lighter lifters (e.g. if I could lift 3xbodyweight, that's only 210kg, whereas a 150kg lifter lifting 300kg in absolute terms is stronger).

I did weigh in at 69kg yesterday (post workout). Perhaps if I dropped 4 kg of water in the morning, I might actually have a chance (of fainting on stage, halfway through grinding out a 120kg squat)...

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