CrossFit Strength Bias

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CrossFit Strength Bias

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Some interesting info from Jeff Martin on how to program intermediate Crossfitters who want to focus on strength within the Crossfit protocol.

I've been on this since November (work permitting) and it works.

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"How many times have we read on the comments about people who think they need to do a separate strength program to get better at CrossFit? While we agree that increased strength will likely make you a better CrossFitter, the idea that you need to do a separate strength program is dead wrong. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. Says it right there in “What is CrossFit”! Leaving CrossFit for the sole pursuit of strength in order to be a better CrossFitter is madness!

We’ve found that people who leave CrossFit to do a pure strength cycle do indeed seem to get stronger, but at the expense of overall fitness. That’s downright disturbing. We believe that strength created in a vacuum is usable in a vacuum. The phrase, “Segmented training leads to segmented capacity,” has been proven time and time again in our gyms, in the ring, and in life.

Does this mean that you can’t gain specific strength without sacrificing overall CrossFit fitness, that raw strength hurts our ability to conquer whatever physical challenges we may encounter in our daily lives? Of course not. With a nod to the influence of Coach Glassman and strength giants like Rippetoe and Rutherford, we are proposing a shift in programming for those intermediate or advanced CrossFit athletes, who, for whatever reason, want to increase their pure strength without sacrificing other critical areas of fitness like endurance, stamina, and speed. It’s called the CrossFit Strength Bias." ... ticleTitle

But heres some more additional free info here if you want.

Discussion thread

Radio Interview ... 090209.mp3



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